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fuck everyone. I don't care that I'm in the most horrible mood ever.
you all suck. stupid people that come into work, and treat others like shit.
don't get mad at me cause your shit sucks, or you're just a freakin idiot!

theres more, but i don't want to put it here, in case someone happens to read.
i don't want to hurt feelings, and i don't hate these people, i'm just annoyed at the moment.


i seriously just wanted to post that i'm listening to tracy chapman - fast car

i love this song, i don't know why.


I finally got my coat that I ordered!! I'm so excited I love it, and it fits really great! Thank you Skyler (though he doesn't read this) everyone should support Culture Shock. Don't know what it is, check it out on myspace. That store is the greatest!! I will put a picutre of my coat up here soon, I can't wait to go out and do things tomorrow so I can wear it. haha. I'm such a dork. Thats all I really wanted to say, I got new tires on my car, well 2 new tires, thats better than none. Things seem to be alright now. I'm pretty happy that I'm not stressing out over it anymore. Though I'm sure something will come out of it. So....thank you dad for paying for my tires, even though I'm paying you back, I just wish it didn't have to be so hard every time. Well, its a suprise but I'm extreamly tired right now....but yeah, I think I'm gonna go, maybe I will come back later, I don't know, nothing has been holding my interest on the internet lately.


possibly one of the WORST days this year

Hey it didn't start off so bad, I got to sleep in (no work of course) and I was pretty lazy for the most part. Janelle called me and said I needed to come and pick up the key cause I would be opening alone tomorrow. No big deal there, I finished getting ready and crap, went and got gas, I hit a pretty big hole in the parking lot there, and this is probably where it all started, and I drove out to work. My car was hitting the all the bumps pretty hard and was making some weird noises, none that I have heard before. I was at work for a little bit, talkin and going through the clothes and stuff. Finally decided to leave, I had to go make a payment on my layaway at the mall, went to my car was kicking off all the built on snow and shit, and saw that my back driver side tire was flat. HOW AWESOME! Called my mom and she came to get me. Went home and sat around waiting for my stepdad to get home, we went back out to the car and see if it was able to be fixed. He put air in the tire, and at this time it seems to be okay, he starts following me home just to make sure everything is okay....well I'm driving along and my car is kinda shaking and then its making there really weird noises and stuff, and something smells really bad. I call my stepdad and he can't see anything and says that it could just be snow and ice bulit up around there tires (it has been snowing a lot) so okay I keep driving and its still making the noises and stuff. He calls me and says to pull into this parking lot coming up. Well I pull in, and get out of the car and crap and the tire that was flat looks okay, and seems to be holding the air alright...I walk around to the other side of the car to check and WHAT THE HELL!!! The front passenger tire has come COMPLETLY OFF THE RIM!! Like how the hell did that even happen. I was so mad, only because this is the kind of shit that always seems to happen to me, at the worst times that it could possibly happen, my car loan was due today but I don't get paid till monday so I'm waiting for money. I seriously have NO money to buy a tire right now. Well I now am hoping that the original flat tire is going to be okay and it was just some weird thing that happend, but I now have to ask my dad to borrow money to buy a tire and I hate asking my dad for money, cause theres always a lecture about money and all that other shit, and so much more that goes with just borrowing money. Which I can handle I just hate doing it. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I only need to get one tire. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Seriously worst day ever so far........
I'm so tired, I didn't get home and to bed till 3:30 this morning, then had to get up and go to work, and even though its sunday and i didn't have to be at work till 11 i  still didn't seem to get enough sleep. But it was well worth it, I had the best time ever with some of the greatest people ever....and i love working the shows and junk....its a blast. thats really all i wanted to say, i have more, but i'll save it for a later time, i'm gonna get ready for bed, and maybe read for a little bit, i have to get up early and open tomorrow....so yeah, i really need me some sleep.


slowly going...

It's been a few since I've posted. But thats okay, I've been kinda busy, which isn't a total lie. I've been workign a lot which is nice. I'm now an "opener" at the store, which offers me a few extra hours on the days that I do open. Working at Platos has also had me running into so many people I know.  It's nice and weird all at the same time, but maybe at some point in time, I might actually get together with a few of these people. I'm also back to being a merch girl. haha. The Color Morale (some old members of the killer apathy), all my good friends, some I know better than others, but I really love it. I have a great time, can be myself and I'm not faking the happiness I feel. I really enjoy doing this and meeting new people. I'm also spending time with old friends and forming much better relationships, that I would love to keep into my nice old age.  Those guys are completly amazing and I love being around them. Though being around all the music really makes me with I still played, or could still play....something like that. I'm hoping I can talk Justin or John into possibly teaching me guitar or something. But I can be quite horrible with that stuff, at this point I would really like to know how to play Glycerine by Bush. I really love that song. And I know I could sing it, if I could play it too. So yeah, maybe I can talk someone into that, we'll have to see.

I went today and got my outline started of my panther, its much bigger than I expected, but I'm totally loving it. I can't wait until its completly finished. Though my shoulder is totally hating on me right now. haha.

I should get to bed even though I don't have to work till 3, I should get up and go out to the mall to pay my phone bill before I spend the money haha, that would be bad.  Well show this weekend that I'm totally looking forward to. And more next week as well. I'm gonna get out of here, before I get into reading stuff and stay up till like 1 or something. Not always good, I know I'll end up being woken up really early. Soooo yeah.

goodnight <3

i might be going out of my mind

Well I think I might get up a little earlier tomorrow morning, and brave the mall for the very much wanted bright yellow sweatshirt. I know day after christmas what am I thinking!!! I seriously don't know, but I really really really want the sweatshirt. I'm not kidding when I say its bright yellow either, I saw it and fell in love with it. haha. christmas was pretty good, I quite a bit of stuff, I was told by charli and riley that the older i got the fewer presents i would get. it was quite amusing, i think its the older you get, the more chance you have of just getting money. haha so yeah, i'm happy with what i got, so i'm doing good right now. I also cannot wait for my jacket to come in from lucky 13 i want to wear it so bad, i love my peacoat, but im getting a little tired of wearing it every day, guess i shouldn't have sold my other jacket so soon, but whatever.

i should really get to bed, i'm feeling so tired, i almost fell asleep a few times at both mikes moms and my aunts house.
merry christmas everyone, are you ready for the new year?? i know i am.


what the helllllllll

okay so I woke up normal time, got myself ready for work and everything, got outside......FROZE MY DAMN FINGERS OFF!!! It's been freezing cold all day. The temp is in the minus area. It was horrible, work was pretty slow too, so it was boring most of the day, at least I worked with Jenn so I didn't feel like slitting my throat to die or puncing someone else in the face haha. Tommrow I start learing how to open the store, so that may or may not be exciting, I do have to get up early so I'm not really looking forward to that at all. I never sleep good, so I'm always tired. Plus I never really get to bed at a normal time at all. I'm so horrible about that stuff.

Tommrow I have to finish my xmas shopping, I work till 2 and I'm hoping that my paycheck is a good one, I have to send Kevin money and I really should pay on some bills. but we'll see what happens. haha I'm so bad about paying bills. Someone should take over and do it for me, so I quit spending all my money on other things. But that won't happen, so things will continue as they are. I talked to Jenn today about wanting to go to Cali to visit the school I want to attend, she voulnteered herself to go with me, cause I really can't go alone haha But its cool cause I get along really well with her, and I'm really wanting sunshine and super warm weather. I wish I could go now and get away from all this snow.

I really have nothing else to say, but I am excited to see what I may have gotten for xmas. That and I want to get it over with. I'm super tired I really should go to bed.

way too fast!!

So is it just me or has the month gone by extreamly fast?? I can't believe that Christmas is next week! I'm sure I've already said this once before. I still don't have my shopping done. Thats so not good. But I have all Monday to get it done. Hopefully I will have the money, most everything isn't that expensive, so thats good. Theres tons of snow here, we tried to leave yesterday and my moms car got stuck in the driveway, it was great...we did finally get it out and go have lunch. Had to take Katie to the vet, she seems to be okay, they took some blood to check for other things, I think shes just getting old, and the time may come where we'll have to say goodbye, and it might be soon who knows. Got extra hours at work last night, and an extra day next week, I have to go in here pretty soon 1-close. WOOOOOO!!! haha.  Twilight is on the 5buck club at the theatre so I'm going to have to go see it again before they take it out of the theatre. I'm hoping for some time after Christmas, I have next weekend off, so maybe then. Won't want to go anywhere else really I'm sure stores are going to be crazy!!!  Well food time with my mom, then off to work. talk later!

for the record....

I really really really hate the fucking snow!! It snowed all day here and made it really hard to drive. My car hates the snow too. I was sliding all over the palce. BUT I did go talk to Kyle Cook about my tattoo and he seems really excited about it, Jenn even said he wanted to do it this weekend, but I have to wait to get money from Kevin and he doesn't get paid till next week :( booo, but soon I will have a sweet tatty over this crappy ass one. haha! Well I should go to bed, I work at 10 and its my mom and dad b-day tomorrow. Gotta be awake for that shit, going to JMK with my dad and stuff. So excited, maybe they'll have veggie sushi and I can pretend I'm back in the 'Cuse with Deb, Ben and Kevin, enjoying half price sushi night. Now that would be sweet.

Goodnight lovies!!!